Huawei Hugging Google for Global Expansion

By Chris DeAngelis | 11/16/15 6:32 PM


With the launch of the highly rated Huawei Nexus 6P one thing is clear.  Huawei sees its partnership with Google as a key strategy to penetrate the USA and other key markets.  You can expect Huawei to do its best to behave and leverage this relationship to overcome some of its image problems.  From the feedback so far they are off to a great start and right now they are the one stealing the limelight from Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi is off to a great start in India or not? It depends on what you believe

By Chris DeAngelis | 11/16/15 6:26 PM

Reading the news on Xiaomi in regards to their Indian market has me shaking my head everyday with the schizophrenic views on this topic.  Take for example the WSJ "Xiaomi's big bet on the Indian internet revolution starts to pay off" and compare that to Counterpoint which claimed sales are down 46% and below MicroMax. Whatever your perspective 3 million devices to date in a newly emerging market is not bad.  The real question is whether the persistent rumors that Xiaomi's investors are getting uneasy is true and if so what it may mean going forward.

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Lenovo announces the ZUK brand in response to the perceived Xiaomi threat

By Chris DeAngelis | 5/30/15 11:25 PM

It has been surreal watching every major OEM seemingly throw all of logic out the window to create their answer to their perceived threat of the Xiaomi model.  ZUK like many of the others seems to be drinking the Xiaomi Kool-aid and has also said that their focus will be on the software as the differentiator. 

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Latest Buzz word from China “Internet+”

By Chris DeAngelis | 4/17/15 11:13 PM

China is abuzz with the term “internet+” which was coined by Tencent’s Pony Ma in 2013 and discussed again recently with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. The term is a call to action to leverage internet technologies to advance China’s development across the “real” economy.

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Chinese internet companies are making real efforts in disrupting the financial services industry in China.

By Chris DeAngelis | 4/8/15 11:28 PM

Following on the footsteps of Alibaba’s Ant Financial Group and Tencent’s WeBank, other companies continue to enter the field.  Here is a brief list of some of the major entrants to date

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What happens in China no longer stays in China

By Chris DeAngelis | 3/21/15 8:35 PM

During the year of the goat, here are some of the most important trends we see taking place in China.  One thing is clear - what happens in China no longer stays in China - so expect these same trends to spread globally around the world:

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