China App Developers have found their Trojan Horse

By Chris DeAngelis | 4/20/15 8:40 PM

Ever since Qihoo 360 disrupted the China internet world in 2009 with their free mobile security app, the concept of distribution at all costs has become the primary model for China app developers.  And guess what, if you know it or not, the model has already crossed the border into the USA and other Western markets.

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Why Michael Moritz is right

By Chris DeAngelis | 11/17/14 8:46 PM

Having lived and worked in China for over 9 years helping US technology companies enter and expand in the China market I can appreciate Michael's comments and agree with his conclusions. From my perspective this is not a result of systems but is that natural outflow of what each country naturally rewards. Silicon Valley for better or worse is obsessed with creating the newest and most innovative technology whether or not there is a business model attached to the technology. I am not here to criticize this approach as it continually generates fantastic technology and is the envy of the world.

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