How to sell 2,717 cars in 90 minutes - the future of ecommerce.

By Chris DeAngelis | 3/27/18 10:38 AM

The future of ecommerce is happening in China where giants like Alibaba and are bringing a Jetsons-like shopping and entertainment reality to consumers across China.  The latest trend combines live streaming entertainment with ecommerce.  Think of it like watching QVC on your Amazon shopping app but instead of a boring host offering a traditional late-night infomercial experience imagine a live streaming event hosted by Lilly Singh (Forbes 2017 top entertainment influencer) in an environment more akin to a gamified Snapchat or with digital prizes to boot. If you think this might be just some crazy fad from China, here are some compelling results that make a good case for the direction of ecommerce:

  • Maimai Car sold 2,717 in 90 minutes - Maimaiche held a live online event on the Aliababa Tmall platform using their star host’s birthday as a theme to sell an astounding US$ 36 million.
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