Lenovo announces the ZUK brand in response to the perceived Xiaomi threat

By Chris DeAngelis | 5/30/15 11:25 PM

It has been surreal watching every major OEM seemingly throw all of logic out the window to create their answer to their perceived threat of the Xiaomi model.  ZUK like many of the others seems to be drinking the Xiaomi Kool-aid and has also said that their focus will be on the software as the differentiator. 

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China App Developers have found their Trojan Horse

By Chris DeAngelis | 4/20/15 8:40 PM

Ever since Qihoo 360 disrupted the China internet world in 2009 with their free mobile security app, the concept of distribution at all costs has become the primary model for China app developers.  And guess what, if you know it or not, the model has already crossed the border into the USA and other Western markets.

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What happens in China no longer stays in China

By Chris DeAngelis | 3/21/15 8:35 PM

During the year of the goat, here are some of the most important trends we see taking place in China.  One thing is clear - what happens in China no longer stays in China - so expect these same trends to spread globally around the world:

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