Mobile Technology Companies, Go to China

By David Sullivan | 8/30/16 6:00 AM

For most companies that are in the business of providing hardware for mobile devices or developing the software or services that run on them, dreams of working with Apple, Google, or Samsung may dominate your plans. It's natural - not only because they are the names we are most familiar with, but also because of where they are headquartered.

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Facebook and Google Keep Trying the China Market

By Chris DeAngelis | 9/28/15 9:58 AM

*** Update to blog post below ***

 Nov 17 - Google seems poised to return.  Several witnesses this week reporting the Google held a huge but off-the-record event at the JW Marriot in Beijing inviting hundreds of future partners to join their Google X efforts.  The amount of chatter in the market suggests their return is inevitable and will go beyond Google Play store.

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Some of the more interesting scuttlebutt concerns Google and Facebook and their efforts to enter / re-enter the Chinese market. According to some high placed sources, Facebook is actively negotiating with the Chinese government to enter the market through 5-Star hotels and large enterprise. The logic is that these places can make a good testing ground because the target clientele is more likely to already have access and the experiment can easily be controlled or shutdown as needed. 

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Could A Push For Better Internet Result In A Major Merger?

By Chris DeAngelis | 5/24/15 7:23 AM

Is the Chinese governments serious drive to push lower prices and faster data speeds behind the much rumored upcoming restructure that could merge China Telecom with China Unicom?

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China operators undergoing the biggest shakeup since 2008

By Chris DeAngelis | 1/16/15 11:10 PM

China operators undergoing the biggest shakeup since 2008. In what appears to be only the beginning, China Mobile consolidated most of its content bases into a company called Migu (previously the music base) to create an independent fully owned subsidiary in an effort to increase its competitiveness in the marketplace. Interestingly the powerful "Internet Base" now has a viable competitor within China Mobile causing a major internal upheaval. Over 20 GM level executives have already been rotated or reassigned. For now the rumors the CT and CU will combine seem unlikely.

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