Lenovo announces the ZUK brand in response to the perceived Xiaomi threat



It has been surreal watching every major OEM seemingly throw all of logic out the window to create their answer to their perceived threat of the Xiaomi model.  ZUK like many of the others seems to be drinking the Xiaomi Kool-aid and has also said that their focus will be on the software as the differentiator. 

In the open platform world of Android where the user can rely on the world millions of apps developers to provide the experience they want, I can’t understand know why OEMs keep heading down this road. Whenever we push OEMs to explain their logic for creating these fully independent subsidiaries they usually say that it is the only way they can move faster and be more innovative.  This may be true but is doesn’t ring of vision.  Internally, Lenovo has been a mess over the last six months trying to digest Motorola and create ZUK.  It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their results in 2015.

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