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The global technology landscape is changing faster than many Western technology companies believe. The shift is driven by China and other pockets of innovation around the world. Five years from now, many of the most influential global companies will be from outside of the United States.

Change is inevitable, and China and other countries are not slowing down.  At a time when the US needs to be focused on transforming and leading the world, the US leadership is focused inward and seems content to allow American technology companies to stand on their own without providing any clear support or direction. Last week I had the honor of sitting down with NBC's Richard Engel to talk about this important topic.  I hope you will take ten minutes to watch and help the US become a world's leader in innovation again. Watch On Assignment with Richard Engel from NBC News.

China's growing role in the global economy is inevitable and brings with it emerging opportunities for Western companies. I hope you will come to China and experience it first hand.

- Chris DeAngelis, ADG

Apple to Build China Data Center to Meet New Cybersecurity Law

To comply with tough new cybersecurity rules, Apple Inc. will begin storing cloud data for its China customers with a government-owned company — a move that means relinquishing some control over its Chinese data. "It's clear that this is now being enforced across the board," said Chris DeAngelis, general manager of Alliance Development Group. "Any cloud-based company coming into China has to have a local operating partner". - Fox Business

Xiaomi's Back with Remarkable Growth

Give credit where its due. Xiaomi has achieved a rare feat in today's dynamic race for smartphone dominance. With shipments up over 300% from its less than stellar performance last year. Combined with 60+ investments in their ecosystem their light is shining again. But please stop calling them the "Apple of China". - Blasting News

Foxconn to Build $10 Billion Factory in U.S.

Foxconn Technology Group, which helped turn China into the center of electronics manufacturing, said it would invest $10 billion in Wisconsin to make display panels for televisions and other devices. With the cost of resources in China rising, labor shortages mounting and automation increasing, now could be the right time for such an ambitious effort," said David Sullivan of ADG  - Wall Street Journal

China Person-less Store Efforts Starting - But will Take Time (6/10 stars for my first experience)

I had the opportunity to visit a new person-less trial store in Shenzhen last week and try it out the day before it went live.  My sense is that the store will be convenient as a place for a late night crowd that needs to get some basic items but it is not yet an amazing experience.  The system required scanning a QR code to get in and going to my WeChat or Alipay app several times throughout the experience.  It wasn't difficult but given the choice - it wasn't yet as convenient as a regular store.  And if the store senses you haven't paid, the exit door won't unluck which could cause some problems.

Interesting Stories

Alibaba's Finance Affiliate Ant Financial is Seeing Skyrocketing Profits Thanks to Global Expansion - Business Insider - Ant and Alipay continue to forge cross-border partnerships at a dizzying pace

China Sets Ambitious Goals in Cloud Computing - People's Daily Online - the China cloud and SaaS opportunites are starting to take off.  Local China players seek to partner with Western companies

VR Videos Will Be Fun and Simple With Lenovo’s VR180 Camera - Lenovo - China still leads the global VR market and will continue to do so

Alibaba Hires Top Scientist to Mastermind AI Drive - China Daily - Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and others are placing major bets on AI.  

Upcoming Events

Mobile World Congress Americas: Sep 12th-14th 2017, San Francisco

Meet up with our Managing Director, David Sullivan at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. A veteran of 10 MWCs in Barcelona, David is excited to have MWC in the US and hopes its the first of many. Want to set up a meeting with David to talk about the China opportunties? Email him here.